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Moving pictures on glass

June 25, 2012

Alexander Petrov creates his animations the home-made way, scribbling on layered panes of glass with oil pastels. He paints with his fingers, small brushes, rags — anything handy to help him push and smear his pigments — and wipe them away when it’s time to re-paint for the next shot In a process evocative of sand-painting He prefers […]


Disney’s last cartoon

June 18, 2012

A children’s book artist and really any illustrator is taught to think of the human or animal figure’s action in the moments before and after the pose. Animators don’t merely think about the action, they include every bit and use it to define the souls of their characters. An exquisite example of this, often thought […]


De-foresting Kipling’s dark jungle

June 4, 2012

Rudyard Kipling, who had been born in Bombay and was happier in the Punjab and India than he ever was in England, actually wrote most of The Jungle Book stories in Vermont. He, his wife Carrie and their new baby daughter Josephine were wintering there on a farm, in a tiny cottage “with snow up to the windowsills,” he […]


The baby elephant who helped a cartoon studio to fly

May 2, 2012

Walt Disney knew he had much to learn from children’s books and children’s book art (just as children’s book illustrators know they have much to learn from 80 years worth of Disney animators.) Dumbo didn’t come from a children’s book exactly. It came from a little paper toy that carried a little story with pictures […]


Embrace the change

October 8, 2011

The logo designed for the event by Austin illustrator Dallion MacGregor said it neatly — the dawn of a new era for a device known for centuries as the book. Social media consultant Nick Alter (left), illustrator-author Clint Young (center) and graphic designer, comics art and web consultant Erik Kuntz (right) prepare for their presentations […]