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The baby elephant who helped a cartoon studio to fly

May 2, 2012

Walt Disney knew he had much to learn from children’s books and children’s book art (just as children’s book illustrators know they have much to learn from 80 years worth of Disney animators.) Dumbo didn’t come from a children’s book exactly. It came from a little paper toy that carried a little story with pictures […]


Trouble in imagination paradise

April 30, 2012

Not a kind portrayal of the creator of Mickey Mouse, with a fascinating comparison between Disney with his studio — and J. Edgar Hoover with his F.B.I.  Seething over the strike by most of his animators in the 1940s, he eventually took his revenge as an F.B.I. and House UnAmerican activities committee informant, the show […]


A high school dropout and a mediocre cartoonist

April 25, 2012

Children’s book illustrators — draw your pets. That’s our message for today. He really did have a pet mouse while working at Laugh-O-Gram, his commercial animation studio in Kansas City. And when Universal Studios, his cartoon film distributor snatched away the rights to the Oswald the Rabbit character, which he’d developed with his animator partner Ubbe Iwerks, […]


A Halloween coven of illustrators

October 11, 2011

Normally, Marsha Riti, who illustrated the new children’s picture book The Picky Little Witch penned by Elizabeth Brokamp (Pelican Press) does not sport pink platinum hair. Marsha surrounded by her colleagues from the Austin SCBWI Girllustrators at the signing of “The Picky Little Witch” by Elizabeth Brokamp at BookPeople But it was a costume bash/book […]


Embrace the change

October 8, 2011

The logo designed for the event by Austin illustrator Dallion MacGregor said it neatly — the dawn of a new era for a device known for centuries as the book. Social media consultant Nick Alter (left), illustrator-author Clint Young (center) and graphic designer, comics art and web consultant Erik Kuntz (right) prepare for their presentations […]