A Halloween coven of illustrators

Normally, Marsha Riti, who illustrated the new children’s picture book The Picky Little Witch penned by Elizabeth Brokamp (Pelican Press) does not sport pink platinum hair.

Marsha Riti and SCBWI illustrator pals

Marsha surrounded by her colleagues from the Austin SCBWI Girllustrators at the signing of “The Picky Little Witch” by Elizabeth Brokamp at BookPeople

But it was a costume bash/book launch and the celebrated independent Austin bookseller BookPeople is always up for a party and a crowd on its second floor.

Author-illustrator Shelley Ann Jackson and a hula girl friend.
Illustrators Amy Farrier and Emma Virjan with Marsha.

* * * * *

All of us at last week’s group critique session for the Marks and Splashescourse learned some lessons about professional mindset from illustrator Karien Naude. She co-moderated the critique with me from her home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Read our interview with Karien and see some examples of her marvelously fresh work in this week’s How to Be a Children’s Book Illustrator blog. Check her Alice in Wonderland — drawn in ink with nylon tip pen on paper, then colored on the computer with Corel Painter software.

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